Greater Cleveland Chorus Coaching

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September 29-30

Greater Cleveland Chorus members attended “vocal school” with renowned coach and educator, Master Director and SA Sound Judge, Betty Clipman.

Betty stressed getting back to the basics of vocal technique as GCC prepares for the Harmony Classic Competition in St. Louis in October 2018.

Cleveland earned the right to attend the 2018 International Competition after placing first with a score of 641 points in the Regional Competition held every spring in Cleveland.

Betty, the primary coach for GCC, will be returning in April and in July 2018 to coach GCC. With her direct approach and wonderful sense of humor, you don’t want to miss Betty in action as she coaches the chorus.

We are taking short-term dual applications for those interested in competing with the chorus in St. Louis in 2018.

Please send an email via our Website, Click here, or call, Dawn Livingstone 216-346-9920.

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